About Us

Dreamer’s Hymn Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating access to crucial psychological evaluations for immigrants at no cost. Established in 2023 by Ahmed Alif, LCSW, a dedicated researcher and psychotherapist, we aim to shine a light on the mental health effects of hardships faced by immigrants. Our services are fundamental in a broad spectrum of immigration cases, including asylum, VAWA, U-Visa, and hardship waiver status. We believe in fostering equity within the justice system and strive to alleviate the financial constraints that can pose as barriers for marginalized communities.

Support Us – Empower Lives

Dreamer’s Hymn Inc serves as a beacon of hope for immigrants, offering crucial psychological evaluations at no cost. Yet, for many we aim to serve, the path to justice remains shadowed by financial barriers. Psychological evaluations can cost between $1,200 to $1,500 – a hefty sum that often stands between individuals and their dreams.

The increasing demand for our services compels us to expand, to hire more dedicated staff, and to ensure that our services remain accessible for everyone. But these aspirations come with substantial financial needs.

That’s where you, our potential grant funders, come into the picture. Your contribution has the power to break down barriers and illuminate the path to justice for many. Your support not only helps us cover the costs of these life-changing evaluations but also enables us to grow our team, thereby reaching more people in need.

Stand with us at the forefront of systemic change. Your generosity can ignite the spark of hope for countless individuals, turning dreams of a fair chance into reality. Join Dreamer’s Hymn Inc today in making a world of difference for immigrants across the country. Fund a dream, change a life!

OuR Team

Our team is led by Ahmed Alif, LCSW, a seasoned researcher, and psychotherapist with a passion for advancing immigration justice. His academic foundation and professional experience have driven the success of over 162 evaluations.

We are proud to have a diverse and inclusive board of directors who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and cultural sensitivity to our organization

“Escaping from a dark past of abuse, I didn’t know where to turn. Dreamer’s Hymn became my ray of hope. They gave me what I couldn’t afford – a psychological check-up that turned out to be my winning ticket in my VAWA case. They didn’t just offer a service; they offered me a new beginning, free from fear”

-Anonymous VAWA Client, Dreamer’s Hymn Inc.

What are you funding?

Hardship Waiver CasesImmigrants can apply for a hardship waiver to avoid deportation if they can prove that their U.S. citizen or permanent resident family member would experience extreme hardship if they were deported. Take Ana, for example, whose U.S. citizen children would suffer significant emotional and financial hardships if she were deported. Our evaluation would illuminate the potential psychological effects on her family.
VAWA CaseThe Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) allows abused spouses and children of U.S. citizens or permanent residents to self-petition for a visa. Imagine Maria, a victim of domestic abuse by her U.S. citizen spouse. Our psychological evaluation can document the emotional and psychological impact of the abuse she suffered, strengthening her VAWA case.
U-VisaU-Visa is a nonimmigrant visa for victims of certain crimes who have suffered mental or physical abuse and are helpful to law enforcement in the investigation or prosecution of the crime. Suppose Kabir was a victim of a serious crime and is helping the police with the investigation. Our evaluation could provide key evidence of the psychological distress he is experiencing due to the crime.
Asylum CasePeople escaping persecution or fear of persecution in their home country can apply for asylum. Consider Fatima, a young woman who had to leave her home due to religious persecution. Our services would provide a comprehensive psychological evaluation, contributing vital evidence of the trauma she has experienced.
Our services are aimed at providing essential support to individuals like Fatima, Maria, Ahmed, and Ana, helping them successfully navigate their legal journey, and ensuring that financial constraints do not stand in the way of justice.